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Tips for bringing home a new pet

New Pet

Each year, Petsecure's Adoptsecure and Breedsecure programs see tens of thousands of happy pets go to new homes. If you’re bringing home a new pet, keep these tips in mind so that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

• Make sure all family members are on board with a new pet, and set up rules and routines for the family and your pet. You don’t want anyone living in the home to get off on the wrong foot (or paw!) with a new addition to the family.

• Have all pet supplies ready before you bring your new pet home. Make a checklist before adopting your pet, to make sure nothing is forgotten. If you need advice, talk to your veterinarian, shelter or breeder for suggestions as to what your new pet may need. 

• Make sure all people are calm and allow your pet to say hello to everyone. First impressions aren’t only important for people!

• Make slow introductions with resident pets. A pet who has already been living in the home may not be as welcoming to a new animal as you are, so make sure you ease them into it. With the proper introductions and a slow pace respecting everyone’s boundaries, they’ll be friends in no time!

• Pet-proof your home Remove anything that your pet could damage or that could damage your pet.

• Visit your veterinarian for a complete checkup and vaccinations. Insuring your pet with Petsecure means they’re covered for unexpected accidents and illness. 

• Cats and kittens will benefit from setting up a quiet room with their litterbox, bedding and toys, so they can escape the stress of a new, busy environment if they need to.

• Puppies and dogs will benefit from obedience class where they can socialize and learn basic obedience.

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