Send your adopted pets home with a complimentary trial of pet health insurance. 



The Adoptsecure program provides six weeks of complimentary pet health insurance to guardians of newly adopted dogs and cats from shelters. This Petsecure program helps families provide their pet with the medical care they need.


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There is no cost to join the Adoptsecure program. By joining, you'll: 


  • Get recurring donations based on your activity with the program

  • Reduce the number of pets returned to your shelter due to health concerns and costs

  • Have access to your Adoptsecure account 24/7

  • Receive local support from a Petsecure representative

  • Provide each new pet guardian with a free 6-week insurance trial

  • Receive all the support materials you need

  • Access to exclusive offers and rewards

You’ll also help new pet guardians pay unexpected veterinary bills, so they can focus on bonding with their new furry family members!



Do you need to activate your complimentary trial of pet health insurance?

Your 6-week trial of pet insurance provides peace of mind knowing your newest family member is covered for the unexpected.


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With every trial, new pet adopters will receive:

  • Six weeks of accident and illness protection for any dog or cat over eight weeks old

  • Up to 80% coverage of eligible vet fees for accidents and illnesses up to $500

  • A $100 deductible per condition

  • Accident and illness coverage that begins 48 hours after the Adoptsecure trial is activated

  • A personalized quote for a Petsecure policy

No payment information is collected during the trial period and there are no obligations. All Adoptsecure trials expire automatically after six weeks, unless the pet guardian continues with a Petsecure policy.


If a new adopter wants to start a Petsecure policy, we make it easy to switch. They can convert any time during their trial and get extra benefits too. Read our Adoptsecure FAQs for more information. 

Your shelter representative is happy to provide program details.

Please contact by emailing


We’ve partnered with over 150 shelters across Canada, including the Winnipeg Humane Society, BC SPCA, Calgary Humane Society, and Langley Animal Protection Society.


There are no sign-up fees and we cover exam fees and taxes.

We’re 100% Canadian owned and operated

We’ve protected over 1.4 million pets

We’re the longest standing Canadian pet insurance company with 30 years’ experience


Why is insurance recommended?

Pet health insurance gives your adopted dogs and cats protection for unexpected accidents and illness, while providing pet guardians peace of mind knowing that coverage will be available when it’s needed. It can take several years to recover from the cost of an unexpected illness or injury. If your new adopters have more questions about pet health insurance, we are happy to answer them!

How much does the trial cost?

There is no cost associated with the Adoptsecure trial for shelters or pet guardians.

How does the trial work?

To begin coverage, the trial needs to be submitted within 10 days of the adopted pet going home. This can be done online through the shelter portal or by calling us toll free at 1-800-268-1169

Once the trial is activated, the new pet is protected for six weeks up to $500, after the initial 48-hour waiting period for accidents and illnesses. Adopters will receive a welcome package, which includes the terms, conditions and benefits of their trial, along with a claim form and a brochure outlining our Petsecure plans.

What is covered on the trial?

Accidents, illnesses, exam fees, taxes, surgeries, medication, and more. See the Terms and Conditions for full details.

What isn’t covered on the trial?

Pre-existing conditions, dental, spay or neuter, pregnancy and associated conditions, cosmetic/elective procedures, and training lessons. See the Terms and Conditions for full details.

How is a claim made?

Your client will visit their veterinarian, pay their vet bill and have their vet complete the claim form and sign it. The client or the clinic can email or fax the claim form to Petsecure with any invoices or receipts. Any applicable reimbursement will be sent by mail or direct deposit.

What happens after six weeks?

Your adopters can contact us at any time during the six-week trial to extend their policy. We’ll waive the waiting periods for accident and illness when they continue coverage before their trial expires. If we don’t hear from them, their coverage will automatically end in six weeks.

What are the benefits of converting an Adoptsecure trial to a Petsecure policy?

  • Uninterrupted coverage – no additional waiting periods for accident and illness coverage.

  • No exclusions – based on conditions that may develop during the trial period. Conditions that were covered on the trial will continue to be covered with a Petsecure policy.

  • Four Petsecure plans to choose from that provide higher coverage amounts and include alternative coverage, dental coverage, customer benefits, wellness coverage, and much more.

  • No waiting - Adopters can get a pet insurance quote today!

What is co-insurance?

Co-insurance (sometimes called 'co-pay') is the portion of the pet insurance claim that you are responsible for. With the Adoptsecure trial, pet guardians pay 20%, and Petsecure covers 80% of eligible veterinary fees. 

What is a deductible?

The deductible is the fixed amount that you pay after your co-insurance. With the Adoptsecure trial, pet owners pay a $100 deductible per condition, only if they need to make a claim.

What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition means that the condition first occured or showed symptoms before the pet’s coverage started, or occurred during the waiting periods.

Read our Petsecure FAQs for more information.