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Have a pet-friendly Easter

Have a pet-friendly Easter

Be on the lookout for holiday hazards

Easter Dog with Basket
Easter’s on its way, which means many families will be kicking off the spring season with decorations, family gatherings, and chocolatey treats. While celebrating is fun for the whole family, here are some tips to make sure our pets have a good time as well and don’t end up with an emergency trip to the veterinary clinic.

Easter lilies– These beautiful flowers are toxic to cats and can be fatal! All it takes is just one lick of any part of the plant, and you could find yourself taking an emergency trip to the vet. If you have a curious cat in the home, avoid bringing home this flower.

Easter grass –Reminiscent of tinsel, Easter grass is commonly used in Easter baskets or for household decorations. Cats are especially drawn to these shiny shreds. If your pet ingests it, you’ll need to act fast and get them to a vet. Ingesting any string-like material can create blockages in the intestine, and often require surgery for removal. 

Chocolate – Perhaps the best-known Easter hazard, chocolate may be delicious to humans, but can be toxic and fatal to dogs! While Easter eggs and bunnies are the most obvious culprits, don’t forget chocolate is often in baked goods such as cakes, cookies, muffins, and more! Make sure to share this tip with your kids so they know not to share their Easter basket with a furry friend.

Xylitol – This artificial sweetener is toxic to pets, and often found in candies and sweets. It’s best to keep all sweets away from your dog or cat, and give them animal-specific treats instead.

Toys and balloons – Eating a small toy can be the of cause intestinal blockages, and it’s easy for an excited pet to pop a balloon… which can be a problem if your pet swallows one up.

Loud noises – A lot of people in the house often means a lot of stress for your dog or cat. Make sure there’s a quiet spot in your house they can escape to and feel safe. Even placing their bed in a room that isn’t accessible by your guests is a good way to give them a much-needed out if they’re feeling anxious.