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Tips to get your cat comfortable in carrier

five steps to get your catComfortable in the Carrier

Although cats outnumber dogs as pets, they aren’t getting seen by veterinarians for routine exams and health problems as often as dogs. This is often because many cat owners feel it’s too difficult to transport their cat there.

To ensure your cat gets her much-needed vet visits (and to prevent bites and scratches), follow these steps for a much easier way to get your cat used to the carrier:

  1. Change the cat’s association with the carrier.

    Leave the carrier out with the door open and place a soft towel in there as added incentive for comfy napping in the future.

  2. Encourage her to want to go near it.

    Place treats or your cat’s food near the carrier, working up to placing the treat right in front, and eventually inside.

  3. Offer a treat after closing the door.

    Once your cat is comfortable going in the carrier, close the door for a few seconds, open it again and offer a treat. Next, with the cat inside and the carrier closed, walk around the room. Reward your cat after you place the carrier back down and open the door.

  4. Get in the car.

    Bring the cat in the carrier out to the car and place her inside. Sit with her for a few minutes but don't turn the engine on. Do that a few times until she's comfortable with that phase.

  5. Turn the engine on but don't go anywhere.

    When she’s okay with the engine being on you can then go for a short ride around the block.