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Wildfire Safety Tips for Pets

Wildfire Safety Tips for PetsSummer can bring more than just hot days – wildfires can be a common occurrence in certain areas or climates. When a wildfire breaks out, families can be evacuated from their homes with little to no notice. Keeping you and your family safe is of the utmost importance. For many, pets are included as part of the family and there are some general wildfire safety tips to help you and your furry family member(s) get out together.

It’s important to know what the fire risks are in your area. Does your area have a history of wildfires, or is it a very dry climate with potential for a fire outbreak? Knowing the risks will help you seek out what resources are available to you and the residents in your area. This can help you make a plan of action for your family and pets.

Have an emergency plan that involves all family members (including pets) with an escape route. If you’re required to vacate your home in an emergency situation, you’ll want to collect all of your family members, including your pets, quickly. Pets that sense what’s going on and become scared will often go hide somewhere in the house. Knowing where your pet likes to hide or nap will help you locate them faster.

As part of your evacuation plan, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep items such as a pet carrier or leashes near an exit. You’ll be able to grab them for your pet on the way out. Another tip is to keep an emergency pet kit near the exit with a sufficient amount of food, medication, and any other supplies your pet may need.

Keeping your pet’s identification up to date is very important in case they escape and flee. Having collar ID, microchips and tattoos current can make all the difference in having your pet returned to you.

To help reduce the chance of your home becoming a target for fire, keep your home free from leaves and other debris in gutters, eaves, porches and decks. This can help keep embers from igniting your home. Don’t use glass bowls for pets outside, as they can catch decks or dry leaves on fire. Stick with stainless steel or ceramic bowls.

Taking steps to be prepared in case of a wildfire can help you and your family get out quickly and safely.