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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take your dog to work dayBringing in a friendly dog to the office can add cuteness to your day, and can also boost your workplace productivity! Take Your Dog to Work Day, taking place this Friday, June 23rd, is the perfect opportunity to bring your dog to work and enjoy the many benefits they bring!

Created by Pet Sitters International in 1999 to encourage dog adoption, Take Your Dog to Work Day has taken place yearly to celebrate the joy that dogs bring to us. The day has caught on in popularity, opening the minds of companies to see the benefits of having a dog in the office. Many companies are now putting dog policies in place, to encourage employees to bring their dogs to the office. Some companies also allow cats in the office, so that could always be an option as well.

Dogs in the office are great stress-relievers. Taking a break to visit with or pet a dog reduces stress, as you get a break from whatever you’re working on, and can focus on something else. Simply stated, it’s fun! Dogs also encourage positive work relationships. You’re more likely to get to know your co-worker in another department when they’ve brought their adorable puppy or dog in.

With dogs in the office, the work environment becomes more productive. Seeing a wagging tail run past your desk, and a puppy smile brightens the day. It’s a great reason for employees to be more active, getting outside more often for bathroom breaks and walking. Employees come back feeling refreshed after these mental breaks. Another bonus is that your dog doesn’t need to be left alone at home, and will get plenty of love and attention in the workplace.

Before bringing your pooch to the office, first make sure that animals are allowed in the building. Also, discuss it with your co-workers. You want to make sure that they’ll be comfortable with a dog in the office, including those who may have allergies. Ensure the dog is vaccinated and spayed/neutered, and that they’re housebroken and won’t be leaving messes in the office. Do a run through of the office to create a safe environment. Are there areas your dog could get into and get hurt or become destructive? Having a pet friendly environment is crucial for having a fun experience.

So this year, on Take Your Dog to Work Day, grab your leash and bring Fido along for the day!