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Summer Travel Tips with your Dog

Summer in Canada is the season for family vacations, and for many that includes the canine member of the family. With more dog-friendly accommodations available, it’s no wonder more families are bringing their dog along for the adventure. Here are a few key summer travel tips to consider before you pack up your pooch and head down the highway or take flight.

Summer Travel Tips with your DogKeep a bag with all your doggy supplies. This should include items like dog food and treats (you are on holidays after all!), bottled water, poop bags,  brush, nail clippers, an extra collar and leash, a small first aid kit, a favourite stuffed toy, and a blanket.  If needed, don’t forget prescribed medications for pets with chronic conditions.  For many pets across the country, you may need to bring their heartworm, flea, and tick prevention if you’re going on an extended trip.

If driving into the United States, remember to bring along your pet’s current rabies vaccination certificate signed by your veterinarian.  Keep this document and any other relevant medical information in a folder in your pet’s travel bag.  Consider keeping a list of veterinary hospitals with emergency hours that are located along your route. With Petsecure pet health insurance, don’t forget that your coverage is valid while traveling on vacation in the United States as well. Just note that all claims received in U.S. funds will be adjusted in Canadian funds with no exchange ($500 US = $500 CDN).

Ensure your pets have proper ID and all the information listed is accurate. It’s encouraged to microchip your pet as well. Pet tags and ID collars can slip off, be removed, or become hard to read. Microchips last for the life of your pet, and they substantially increase the likelihood of a pet returning home, should they become lost.

When travelling anywhere by airplane, it is best to make arrangements a few months ahead of time.  Some airlines allow smaller pets under the passenger seat, while others may not allow pets at all or only if they fly in the cargo hold.  Many airlines have restrictions on the time of year they accept pets based on seasonal temperatures.  Find out the exact specifications and restrictions enforced by the particular airline you have chosen. 

With these summer travel tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation, have fun and make memories!