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Why your pet needs a license

As loyal as our dogs are, they may find themselves lost and unable to return home one day. This is why it’s very important to ensure your dog is licensed. Licensing is an important step to take when bringing a new dog home, and it needs to be renewed and updated throughout the life of your pet. 

Why your pet needs a licenseHaving your dog licensed ensures that they can be identified and returned home more easily, if they ever get lost. It also proves your legal ownership, and ensures that your pet can be brought home at no cost. A license also ensures that your dog has received a rabies vaccination, which is potentially fatal to people and other animals. 

On top of these benefits, licenses help municipalities keep track of how many pets a person owns, as some locations regulate how many animals can be kept for the health and safety of the community.

Why is it so important to license your pet? 

-   It’s the law for most municipalities across Canada.

-   A license will drastically improve your chances of finding your pet should they ever get lost.

-   A license tells people your dog is protected against rabies.

-   If you do not license your pet, you could face a hefty fine.

-   Licensing fees provide much needed revenue to your animal control agency, supporting their programs.

Luckily, getting a license for your pet is easy. You can get one if you adopt from a city shelter, or when you bring your pet to the veterinarian for an annual exam or rabies vaccination. It’s important to note that licenses need to be renewed each year. Sometimes you can renew a license for longer than one year, so check with your municipality to see what your options are. 

A number of areas now require a license for cats, whether they go outside or are strictly indoors. This is to help in the event of a cat escaping from the home if a door or window is left open. Indoor cats are said to be at greater risk, as they won’t know their way around the neighbourhood, and are less likely to find their way back home. Check with your local animal control department or local shelter to learn about the licensing laws in your area. 

Contact your city or animal services agency to get the details on licensing or renewing your pet’s license.