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National Pet Day-Treat Your Pets

National Pet Day

How’s your relationship with your favourite furry friend? On April 11th, join with pet lovers everywhere to celebrate National Pet Day! A day to focus on the special connection you have with your pet and show them some extra love. National Pet Day is a chance to show your cat, dog, gerbil or any other creature in your life how you really feel. Treats, pampering and all the attention that the little guy or gal can handle are a great way to celebrate!

Most Canadians have at least one pet in their home, and that’s not just limited to dogs and cats. Many pet owners enjoy birds, reptiles, fish or horses as companions, and National Pet Day is the day to give them that special treat, spoil and appreciate them!

Pets provide us with so many benefits mentally, emotionally and physically. Studies have shown that the simple act of petting a dog or cat creates a connection that improves blood pressure, heart health and overall wellbeing. Individuals with pets are typically more engaged physically, being more active, walking more, and socializing with other owners.

On National Pet Day, the least we can do as pet owners is to show them just how much we care for them. Whether that means buying a new toy, or giving them some extra attention, being attentive and appreciative for all they do for us will help us provide them with some extra love.

So, what ways can you show your pet you love them? Some fun ideas include:

-       Give them a special treat
-       Buy or make a new toy
-       Give them some extra attention
-       Bring them for a check-up at the vet to make sure their health is in tip-top shape
-       Spend some dedicated uninterrupted time with them – put your phone and other devices away for some meaningful bonding
-       Take your dog for a walk – or on a different route for a change of scenery

-       Let your hamster, rat, gerbil or other pet rodent out of its cage for a longer time
-       If you don’t have a pet, consider adopting one to provide a loving home
-       If your pet enjoys being groomed, get the brush out to detangle and get their fur nice and smooth

Many pet owners consider every day “National Pet Day”, but regardless of how you view it, give your pet some extra love and attention and they will be forever grateful.