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Walking the Dog Day

Did you know that February 22 is National Walking the Dog Day?

While the origins of Walking the Dog Day are unknown, the message behind it is positive, as it encourages owners to get off the couch and get outside with their dogs. You both get exercise and fresh air among many other benefits.

Walking the Dog Day

How do you take part?

It’s simple! Wear suitable clothing and footwear for your climate, get your pooch on a harness and leash, bring a bottle of water, plastic bags – for you know what – and off you go! Whether you’re in a city, a park, on the beach, or out in the country, you can pretty much walk your dog anywhere. If you don’t have a dog, check out your local rescue to see if they have any dogs that need to be walked. The dogs will be so happy to get outside and interact with you.

There are so many health benefits of dog walking to you and your dog.

By walking your dog a few times a week, you enjoy many health and social benefits, such as improved fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles, and decreased stress.

Pets also benefit greatly. With pet obesity on the rise, a number of medical problems are occurring alongside as well, such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease, and a shorter lifespan to name a few. Keeping up with regular walks is important to keep your dog fit and trim.

How much and how often you walk your dog will depend on the breed of dog, their age, and any other health factors. While some breeds like Dalmations or Border Collies have a lot of energy and can benefit from rigorous walking, other low energy breeds like Basset Hounds or English Bulldogs don’t require as much exercise. Consult with your veterinarian to find out what the best exercise regimen is for your dog.

When walking your dog, let them enjoy the sights and smells that they encounter along the way. Walking is a great time to bond with your dog, providing you with exercise and companionship. Your dog will look forward to it, and walking will prevent them from becoming bored and destructive. It can reduce stress and anxiety in people and dogs. Bring friends or family along and make a group occasion. Everyone gets out of the house and into the fresh air while having fun. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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