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Holiday hazards for pets

Holiday hazards for pets

This holiday season keep your pet’s health in check by knowing what can potentially cause harm to them. Keep these tips in mind when bringing out your holiday décor:

Holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe and holly are toxic if ingested. Keep them well out of your pet’s reach, or avoid them altogether.

Tinsel and ribbons are dangly, shiny, and look like toys to many pets, but they can cause obstructions if ingested. Keep them out of reach, and as cute as a picture might be, please don’t wrap these items around your pet’s neck.

Electrical cords, if chewed, can burn pets’ mouths or cause an electrical shock. Turn off lights and unplug them when you’re not home. Secure cords where you can, and don’t leave them dangling.

Secure your Christmas tree and keep fragile or glass ornaments up high to avoid pets getting at them. Bulbs and ornaments can break into tiny pieces and cut mouths. For cats, put your tree up and decorate later to get your cat used to it and prevent them from climbing it.

Create a safe, quiet space for your pet to retreat to when visitors come over. The hustle and bustle of friends and family visiting can stress out pets.

Candles can cause burns or worse damage if knocked over. Place them where pets can’t get to them, or use LED lights.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you and your pet can enjoy the festivities and avoid any emergency vet visits. However, sometimes we do our best and the unexpected still happens, so be prepared with a Petsecure plan so that you can focus on getting your pet on the mend!