Shelter Advisory Board

Shelter Advisory Board

Petsecure Shelter Advisory Board

The mandate of the Petsecure Shelter Advisory Board (PSAB) is to engage senior leaders across the Canadian animal welfare community to strengthen the partnership between Petsecure and the animal shelters. Board members share a passion for collaboration with industry partners in both the animal welfare sector and pet health community to bring awareness and provide lasting solutions for quality care and treatment for all pets.

The Board includes members from across Canada who represent the animal welfare community. Members are appointed based on their unique knowledge and expertise in the animal welfare and pet health industry, and the Board is chaired by President and COO of Petsecure, Rod Cunniam.

The Petsecure Shelter Advisory Board consists of the following board members:

  • Anthony Johnston, Director of Development, Montreal SPCA

  • Barbra Cartwright, CEO, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

  • Dr. Bernhard Pukay, Veterinarian Expert

  • Elizabeth Murphy, CEO, Nova Scotia SPCA

  • Jacques Messier, CEO, Toronto Humane Society

  • Mark Takhar, COO, British Columbia SPCA

  • Nicholas Gilman, CEO, Montreal SPCA

The Advisory Board provides expert insight and advice on the risks, strategies, plans and performance of Petsecure. Alongside Regional Managers and Territory Managers representing all areas across Canada, the Board extends Petsecure’s reach in helping provide what’s best for pets.