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Pet insurance allows you to make sure your pets receive the medical care they deserve, without jeopardizing your family’s savings. It’s as easy as taking your pet to the vet clinic and sending us a claim for your expenses. With Petsecure, you can rest easy knowing 80% of your pet’s bill will be covered in case of accident or illness. It’s a simple, effective way to take the financial stress away during those difficult times. Check out our comprehensive plans, which take care of your veterinary costs for accidents, illnesses, and even dental care.


Pet insurance is a simple, effective way to take the financial stress away when the unexpected happens. Our comprehensive plans cover accidents, illnesses, dental care and more!

Our Plans

To best meet the diverse needs of our customers and their pets, we offer four plans with varying levels of coverage.
Take a look at the chart below to find the plan that works best for you!

Find the plan that works best for you!




Secure 1 Level I

Accident Coverage

per accident

Illness Coverage

per condition, per year

Dental Coverage

per year

Secure 3
Level III

Accident Coverage

per accident

Illness Coverage

per condition, per year

Dental Coverage

per year

Secure 4
Level IV

Accident Coverage


Illness Coverage


Dental Coverage

per year

Plus wellness coverage*

  • Annual Exam and Vaccinations
  • Annual Routine Blood
  • Wellness Profile
  • Annual Routine Wellness Urinalysis
  • Fecal Exam and Deworming
  • Flea Control Medication

Plus Annual Heartworm Test and Heartworm Preventive Medication for dogs

Accident coverage


Coverage includes: diagnostics, x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, medication and more.

Illness coverage


Coverage includes: diagnostics, x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, medication and more.

Dental coverage


Helps cover the cost of annual cleaning or problems with the teeth and/or gums. These coverage amounts renew each year.

Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

Additional benefits include boarding/kennel fees, lost pet advertising, holiday cancellation, cremation/burial costs, and an in memoriam donation.

Special coverage


This includes coverage for alternative treatments (acupuncture, massage, etc), behavioural therapy and medical devices.

*Secure 4 also provides an additional $350 wellness coverage for cats and $450 wellness coverage for dogs. 

Click to learn more about Cat Health Insurance and Dog Health Insurance.

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Customer Testimonials
  • I’ve been with Petsecure for over six years now. Amazing customer service."

    Loni-May, ON

    Customer since 2011

  • Excellent customer service! I have nothing but good things to say!
    Thank you, Petsecure!"

  • The coverage has been invaluable to me. It has been worth the investment for me and my family."

    Ze’ev, ON

    Customer since 2008

  • This company is a blessing. It allows you to look after your pets completely."

    -Kathy, BC

    Customer since 2016

  • Petsecure’s customer service staff were professional and compassionate. We will definitely remain loyal customers and will recommend them to family and friends."

    -Louis, MB

    Customer since 2017


We’ve all been there: our pet gets sick or has an accident and needs veterinary care. With Petsecure,
you can rest easy knowing that vet bill won’t break the bank. Our coverage extends beyond just
the basics, too.  We cover everything from surgeries to comprehensive dental care,
as well as extras like exam fees and taxes, so you can have peace of mind.

We offer a wide range of coverage for your dog or cat
  • Accident


  • Dental


  • Alternative Therapy

    Alternative Therapy

  • Medication


  • Illness


  • Exam Fees

    Exam Fees

  • Surgeries


  • Preventative Care

    Preventative Care


We believe in transparency. For full details on what is or isn’t covered by our plans, please take a look at our Policy Wordings!


Keeping your pet's health and your family's finances protected doesn’t have to be complicated!
As pet owners ourselves, we know the stress of having a sick or injured pet first-hand.
With that in mind, there are only a few simple steps between when you sign up for Petsecure and when you get reimbursed for your first claim.

Select your plan of choice from our website

1. Choose Your Plan

Choose the plan that's right for you,
and select an annual deductible.

A waiting period applies

2. The Waiting Period

The waiting period for accidents is 48 hours, 14 days for illness and six months for dental coverage.

Visit your vet and complete the claim form

3. Make a Claim

Visit your veterinarian as usual.
Pay your vet bill and have your vet complete the claim form and sign it.

Submit the claim and get reimbursed

4. Send your form to us

Once we receive your claim form,
we’ll put it in your file and get it ready for processing.


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