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Petsecure's Dog Ownership Center

In the Dog Ownership Center you will find comprehensive information on the basics of how to properly care for your dog. From buying your first dog to keeping it healthy into old age, this is the center for you. You can learn about how to introduce your new puppy into your home, feeding your dog a well balanced diet, keeping your dog in good physical shape, and much more.

Grooming Your Dog

Dog grooming is not simply a matter of good looks, its also a matter of good health. Coat care is obviously important, but other aspects of grooming include teeth, nails, anal glands, eyes and ears. Every time an owner....


Adopting a Dog

Your new puppy is going to need a lot of instruction from you at first in order to learn the rules of the household. Training your puppy the right way, the first time, will ensure that your puppy grows up into a well behaved dog.....


What to do if you Lose Your Dog

Hopefully you will never have to face the agony of looking for a run away pet. Even though pet owners do everything they can to avoid this situation, sometimes it happens anyway. To increase the chances of quickly....


Exercising with Your Dog

Exercise with your dog will help your dog to stay healthy, and this practice will strengthen the bonds of friendship between you and your canine friend. Here you’ll find some helpful tips to keep in mind when you’re  exercising your dog....


Dog Boarding

Preparing to leave home for a vacation or business trip is always stressful, and if you are boarding your dog for the first time, that stress can be even worse. In order to reduce the stress of your first trip away from your best friend....


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