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Petsecure's Cat Ownership Center

In the Cat Ownership Center you will find comprehensive information on the basics of how to properly care for your cat. From buying your first cat to keeping it healthy into old age, this is the center for you. You can learn about how to introduce your new cat into your home, feeding your cat a well balanced diet, keeping your cat in good physical shape, and much more.

Cat Vaccinations

Vaccines contain viruses, bacteria or other disease-causing organisms that have been killed or altered so that they can no longer cause disease. Newer vaccines may contain genetically engineered components derived....


Obesity in Cats

More and more veterinarians are seeing cats that are overweight. Similar to humans, being overweight can cause serious health problems like arthritis and diabetes. However, cat owners should know that in today's world.....


Benefits of Neutering Male Cats

Most cat owners are aware that pets should be neutered, but only some know all the reasons why neutering is beneficial, particularly in male cats. There is some confusion with the terms castration....


Interacting with a New Kitten

Your new little kitten is going through a lot right now. Its entire world has changed, and you have become the kitten's new mother. It is now your job to teach the kitten proper behavior. You will also need to ....


How to Safely Change a Cat's Diet

A cat's diet will need to be changed at least twice during the cat's lifetime. Adult cats will need to eat cat food instead of kitten food, and senior cats will need to eat senior food instead of cat food....


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