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Petsecure's Cat Breed Center

The cat breed center features a comprehensive list of the most popular breeds of cats. From the largest cat breeds to the smallest cat breeds, this is the center for you. Learn about the important cat breed characteristics, including physical description, temperament, history, and potential health related issues.

Siamese Cat Breed

The Siamese is perhaps the most recognizable of all purebred domestic breeds. It has been treasured for centuries because of its winning personality and beautiful, exotic, aristocratic physical....


Persian Cat Breed

The Persian, also known as the Persian Longhair, is an elegant, graceful, gentle breed whose most distinguishing characteristics are its remarkable coat and its unique head....


Maine Coon Cat Breed

The gorgeous Maine Coon is the first longhaired domestic feline to have evolved naturally on the North American continent. In fact, it is one of the very oldest and longest-established....


Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed

The Exotic Shorthair has been a well-kept secret among cat fanciers for many years. This unusual cat meets the breed standard for the Persian in almost every way, with a single but very important....


Sphynx Cat Breed

The Sphynx is one of the most unusual and rare of all domestic feline breeds. Its most distinguishing characteristic is that it appears to be entirely hairless. However, most Sphynx do have some degree....