Veterinary Professionals

Veterinary Professionals

Veterinary Professionals - How we work with you to advance the important work you do

Allowing for more advanced and comprehensive treatment

Petsecure coverage helps make life-saving treatment more accessible to your clients. It's that simple. In fact, insured pet parents spend 40% more at the veterinarian than uninsured pet parents.

Promoting the concept of responsible care

We believe that pet insurance is a critical link in forging a strong circle of pet health awareness, and responsible pet-ownership among pet parents. Our philosophy has been to partner with the veterinary community, involving you in the way we choose to educate the public, administer our pet insurance policies, grow and evolve as a company. We know that working with us to promote pet health insurance demands an increased commitment and effort on the part of veterinarians, however; we also know that pet health insurance not only benefits your clients and their pets, it also empowers you to practice 'best medicine'. Canada pet parents will see greater stability and long-term benefits from this approach.

Investing in the Veterinary community

Petsecure pet health insurance continues to make unprecedented and unmatched investments in the Canadian veterinary community. We focus our marketing dollars and efforts right here in Canada to promote, inform and educate the public about the value and importance of the veterinary profession.

A team of professionals supporting your practice

Our largest investment is in training and maintaining a strong team of Territory Managers across Canada. Today Petsecure is the only pet insurance company with resident representatives whose only responsibility is to work with veterinarians, AHTs and other practice staff in their chosen market places.

Guided by our Veterinary Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board represents some of Canada's most reputable, established and credible veterinary practitioners, and we are proud of our longstanding association with them. They help us to make strategic decisions, and act as a sounding board for our management team, specifically in regards to how our product and services can more positively impact veterinary practices like yours.

Professional Benefits

As part of our continuing effort to give back to the veterinary community we offer 'Secure VIP' - an employee benefits program exclusively for the staff of veterinary practices, providing them with a substantial discount on Petsecure pet insurance.

Petsecure vTails - Direct to your practice

As the only pet health insurance company to have a dedicated newsletter that goes to all veterinary practices across Canada, we hope that you take advantage of the information and opportunity for engagement that vTails is designed to provide.

Sponsorship of CVMA 'Small Animal Practitioner of the Year'

Petsecure pet health insurance is proud to continue a tradition of sponsorship for the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association's annual award.

For more information, please contact your local Territory Managers.

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Insurance Terms Explained


An unexpected, unintended event causing injury.


Sickness, disease and any changes to a Pet's normal healthy state.


Veterinary care, hospitalization, dentistry, surgery, diagnostics, medication, nursing, specialist referral, medical devices, alternative therapies and behavioural therapies performed by a Veterinarian.

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