Shelters - providing a critical service to our communities

That's why at Petsecure, we've created Adoptsecure; a trial pet insurance Program for Shelters where everyone wins - especially adopted pets.

How it works for Shelters

How it works for Shelters
  • You can add value to your adoptions by sending your new pet parents home with 6 weeks of trial coverage with an Adoptsecure pet insurance voucher, compliments of Petsecure

  • For every adoption voucher that your pets' new parents activate, we make a donation to your shelter!

  • For every activated voucher that is converted to a full Petsecure pet insurance policy, we make another donation to your shelter!

How it works for Pets (and their adoptive parents)

How it works for Pets (and their adoptive parents)
  • New pet parents get the security of trial insurance coverage for their first 6 weeks they have their pet

  • Prior to the end of this coverage we'll contact them to be sure they know how their coverage works and explain how to submit any claims

  • We'll also provide them with information on Petsecure: our various levels of coverage and how it protects their pet

  • They get the ability to continue their coverage without any interruptions, including any conditions that may have developed during their trial insurance period.

Adoptsecure, is one more way that we demonstrate our commitment to pets, and acknowledge the important work that Shelters do.

For more information about our shelter program, visit:

To start earning donations today - register your shelter by calling your Adoptsecure Representative at 1-800-431-3132 ext. 7309.