Breedsecure - A program designed for Breeders

Petsecure offers Canadian breeders a free program to send your puppies and kittens to homes with valuable pet health insurance.

Breedsecure Benefits:

  • Add value to your adoptions by sending your new pet owners home with six weeks of free pet health insurance (valued at up to $750 for puppies, and up to $500 for kittens)

  • Access to your Breedsecure account 24/7

  • Create reports showing your account activity, including claims made by owners


Breedsecure Trial Details

Breeders must activate a trial within 10 days of a pet’s adoption. Coverage for accidents and illnesses begins 48 hours after activation. If your new owners need to make a claim, we’ll pay 80% of their vet fees, less a $100 deductible per incident. We do not cover pre-existing conditions.

During the six week trial, we’ll contact your new owners to answer any questions they may have about their trial, provide a quote to continue coverage, and explain the many benefits of pet health insurance.

The trial will automatically expire after six weeks, unless your owners continue with a Petsecure plan.

Call us at 1-800-431-3132 or email to get more information. We’re happy to help! To sign up today, go to

Meet Jamie and Summer

Meet Jamie, the breeder of Readyfor Tollers in Port Coquitlam, BC and Retriever puppy, Summer.

Jamie recommends Petsecure because of our long track record. All of the puppies that Jamie breeds go home with six weeks trial coverage so that the new owners can have immediate peace of mind.