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Dr. Pukay Chairman of PVAB

by Petsecure Pet Health Insurance | Jun 23, 2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba – June 23, 2014: Petsecure pet health insurance, Canada’s oldest and largest pet health insurance company that has cared for almost 1,000,000 pets, announces that Dr. Bernhard Pukay has been appointed Chairman of the Petsecure Veterinary Advisory Board (PVAB).

The members of the Petsecure Veterinary Advisory Board are committed to expanding the pet health insurance industry’s reach and representation. Board members will be working with industry shareholders to explore ways to make pet health insurance more accessible to all pet owners. Their goal is to provide a good quality of life for all pets, provide pet owners with the means to afford veterinary treatment for their pets, and provide veterinarians with the means and capabilities to care for all pets with the most effective treatments available.

"I am proud to welcome Dr. Bernhard Pukay to chair the Petsecure Veterinary Advisory Board," said Rod Cunniam, Interim President and COO of Petsecure pet health insurance, which is underwritten by Western Financial Insurance Company. "Dr. Pukay brings with him an extensive knowledge and understanding of both veterinary medicine and the veterinary community to the Board.”


Dr. Pukay joins the PVAB after more than 40 years of being active within the veterinary profession. During this time, he was senior partner and CEO of the Alta Vista Animal Hospital, one of Canada’s largest animal hospitals. He has also received awards, hosted a television and radio show, and continues to write on pet care for publications.


“I am privileged to take on the role of Chair with the Petsecure Veterinary Advisory Board,” said Dr. Pukay. “Our ultimate goal is to make a difference in pet health care by finding ways to ensure that the best veterinary care is accessible and affordable to everyone.”


Dr. Pukay succeeds Dr. Lynn Webster, who led the Board as Chairman and has been actively involved in veterinarian medicine for 47 years. Now retired, he will serve as a board member on the PVAB, representing the Manitoba/Saskatchewan region.


The Petsecure Veterinary Advisory Board will consist of three additional Board members. These individuals will provide a voice to all regions across Canada:


-          Dr. Jean Gauvin has over 20 years of experience in veterinary medicine. With a history in private practice, teaching in universities and colleges, and hosting a popular Quebec TV show, he will be a representative of the Quebec region.


-          Dr. Lesley Steele is the owner and CEO of the Eastern Passage Village Veterinary Hospital, and founder of the Atlantic Vet Alliance (AVA) and its affiliate Central and Western Vet Alliance.     Dr. Steele will represent Atlantic Canada on the Board.


-          Dr. Suann Hosie founded the Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic (VAEC). With over 40 years of experience in the veterinary industry, Dr. Hosie will represent the Alberta/British Columbia region on the Board.


The Advisory Board advises on the risks, strategies, plans and performance of Petsecure and provides counsel to the Interim President and COO. Alongside Regional Managers and Territory Managers representing all areas of Canada, this will extend Petsecure’s reach in helping provide what’s best for pets.




About Petsecure pet health insurance:

As the first and only licensed insurance company in Canada to focus solely on pet insurance, we are dedicated to responsible pet ownership. We help Canadian pets live longer and healthier lives by enabling their owners to provide the best in pet health care. Our core brand is Petsecure pet health insurance. We also underwrite PC pet insurance, Pet Insurance for Hudson's Bay customers, Desjardins Pet Insurance Program, The Personal Pet Insurance Program and CAA pet insurance.


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