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$32,000 worth of coverage with Petsecure?

Yes, you read it right. Actually your Petsecure coverage could be even higher than that, because only Petsecure offers annual renewable limits, and sets no lifetime limit to the amount of pet health insurance coverage we'll pay out for your pet.

From simple ear infections to cancer, Diabetes, hip dysplasia or hairball removal, your pet has access to immediate, comprehensive and advanced veterinary care without a second thought, or glance at your last credit card bill. You provide the unconditional love, we'll take care of the rest.

Here's some of the claims we've paid out so far in our 20 years of providing pet insurance:




to Beauregard - Labrador Retriever Cross from Ontario
(includes cancer surgery, hip replacement.)




to Auggie - Standard Poodle from Quebec
(Includes surgery for bladder stones, ataxia, hypothyroidism, insect bites, urinary tract problems and Arthritis)




to Ally - Golden Retriever from Ontario
(Includes anal gland problems, hip dysplasia, ear infections and allergy treatment)




to Rocko - Lhasa Apso from Ontario
(Includes an infected foot, dental illness, liver and kidney problems, an ear and eye infection and a broken paw)




to Ralphie - Harrier from Ontario
(Includes anal gland problems, lameness, skin problems and an injury to his tail and paw)




to Jesse - German Shepherd from Ontario
(Includes treating a heart murmur, nasal problems, internal parasites, arthritis and respiratory problems)




to Zeus - Boxer from Ontario
(Includes a fractured leg, lymphatic nerve problems, dental extractions and polydipsia)




to Ally - Bichon Cross from Ontario
(Includes kidney, liver and cardio-vascular problems, Diabetes and a medical device)




to Wishbone - Rottweiler from British Columbia
(Includes gastric torsion, neurological problems, skin allergies and internal parasites)




to Bruno - Cane Corso from British Columbia
(Includes a tumour, seizures, arthritis and lameness)




to China - Pug from Ontario
(Includes an ear and eye infection, Diabetes, allergy treatment and
external parasites)




to Muffie - Bichon Frise from Quebec
(Includes anal gland problems, eye infections, a tumour and dental cleanings)




to Echo - Shetland Sheepdog from Alberta
(Includes Arthritis, treating allergies, Cushing's syndrome, kidney and liver problems and a broken tooth)




to Coco - Keeshond from British Columbia
(Includes an injury to his neck, kidney and liver problems and seizures)




to Tia - Weimaraner from Ontario
(Includes urinary tract problems, skin disease, treatment for insect bites, liver problems, lameness and pancreatitis)




to Sam - Domestic Medium Hair cat from British Columbia
(Includes liver problems, dental extractions, Diabetes and thyroid problems)




to Edie - Miniature Poodle from Ontario
(Includes urinary tract problems, treating ear and eye infections,
gastro-intestinal issues and lameness)




to Jasper - American Cocker Spaniel from Ontario
(Includes an injury to his paw, spinal and kidney problems, arthritis and patella luxation)




to Tiffany - Bouvier Des Flandres from Ontario
(Includes a giardia infection, arthritis, gastro-intestinal problems and an ingestion of a foreign object)




to Howard - Great Dane from Ontario
(Includes gastro-intestinal problems, allergy treatment, thyroid problems and seizures)




to Zoe - Shih Tzu from Ontario
(Includes urinary tract problems, kidney disease, respiratory problems and Cushing's syndrome)




to Tyler - American Cocker Spaniel Cross from Ontario
(Includes dental extractions, Diabetes, a tumour, and an Immune Mediated Disease)




to Rufus - Bichon Frise from Ontario
(Includes ingestion of a foreign body, cardiovascular problems, gastro-intestinal issues, kidney disease and internal parasites)




to ZsuZsi - West Highland White Terrier from British Columbia
(Includes urogenital problems, ear and eye infections, mouth infection Cushing's syndrome, disc separation and dental extractions)




to Truman - Labrador Retriever from Ontario
(Includes an attack by another animal, Arthritis, elbow problems, seizures and oral/mouth infections)




to Ziggy - Airedale Terrier from British Columbia
(Includes lameness, an injury to the paw, patella luxation and holiday cancellation fees)




to Rain - Tibetan Terrier from Ontario
(Includes treatment for a tumour, ear infection, Arthritis, skin problems and bladder stones)




to Marley - Border Collie Cross from Ontario
(Includes seizures, a tumour, kidney and liver problems and dental cleanings)




to Lugs - Alaskan Malamute from Ontario
(Includes Addison's disease, lameness, allergy treatment, muscular disorder and skin lesions)




to Galahad - English Mastiff from Alberta
(Includes allergy treatments, ear infections, cruciate ligament and a tumour)



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