Why Petsecure’s dental plans are better

Written by Petsecure  | Published on: 1/14/2021

Many pet insurance companies offer some form of dental coverage in their plans. But, it’s important to know that the coverage isn’t always created equal. We admit we may be a little biased in saying our plans are superior, but we also believe in full transparency. Here are some of the reasons why Petsecure’s dental coverage isn’t an add-on meant to sell you a plan, but it’s truly beneficial to the health of your pet.

What you need to know about Petsecure’s dental coverage

  1. Vet exams. Your pet’s teeth must be examined by a vet at least once every 12 months. There’s usually no need to book a separate appointment because when it comes to dental health, vets do more than cleanings. Examining and assessing your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums is a standard part of their yearly check-up.
  2. Dental illness and injury. Any treatments needed to treat an illness or injury related to your pet’s teeth or mouth is covered under your plan.
  3. Preventative care. Treatments like cleanings that can help prevent your pet from developing more serious issues in the future are covered. Just like we visit the dentist regularly for cleanings so we don’t develop cavities or more serious issues, preventative dental care for your pet can help prevent problems later.

We cover pre-existing dental

Yes, you read that right. While just about every pet insurance company excludes coverage for pre-existing conditions, when it comes to dental, we provide coverage for dental illness or accidents, as well as preventative care, even if signs or symptoms were present prior to the policy starting, after the 6-month waiting period.

February is dental month

It’s a great time to think about scheduling your pet’s teeth cleaning. Believe it or not, pets often hide their dental pain well, and waiting until there’s a more serious issue is harder on the wallet too. Routine care included in Petsecure plans can help you decrease your vet care costs and help keep your pet’s mouth pain-free. It’s kind of like waiting until you have a root canal before you see the dentist. It’s much more painful and much more expensive than if you had gone for regular cleanings.

Pet insurance can help with the cost of dental care

Curious about pet health insurance? Learn how Petsecure can help cover the cost of your pet’s dental care and get a free quote today.