Pet insurance from a vet’s perspective

Written by Dr. Colleen Fisher  | Published on: 6/13/2021

Veterinarians know how hard it can be to tell a client that the best choice for their sick pet is treatment they simply cannot afford. That’s why so many vets stand behind pet insurance to help pets stay as healthy as possible!

How pet insurance helps

  • Veterinarians advocate for pets who cannot speak for themselves.Pet insurance helps vets focus on best practices in care. With pet insurance, vet teams can order the diagnostic testing and therapeutic plan to best serve the individual cat or dog.
  • Pet insurance helps manage the cost of keeping pets healthy.Pet owners have peace of mind when dealing with unforeseen situations. No matter the accident or illness, vets can offer on-the-spot emergency care.
  • Pet owners are prepared for emergencies when they have pet insurance. Vets know that puppies and kittens have a way of getting into accidents, and even the healthiest of pets can get sick. Pet owners who have pet insurance are more likely to seek professional advice from their vet.
  • Pet insurance alleviates the burden of high veterinary bills for pet owners.Vet teams can spend more time on patient care and pet parent support by decreasing the need for financially driven discussions.
  • Coverage for unexpected illness and injuries for cats and dogs. Pet insurance provides customized solutions for all pet owners. With Petsecure, we offer four plans with varying levels of coverage for accidents, illnesses, dental care, and more.

Common Questions about Petsecure Pet Health Insurance

  • What is pet insurance? Just like health insurance for humans, pet insurance covers the cost of medical treatments for unexpected injuries and illnesses in cats and dogs.
  • What does a Petsecure policy cover? Generally, if your pet has an accident, or gets sick, your policy covers 80% of your vet bill, including the exam fees and taxes, accidents and illnesses, diagnostics, X-rays, emergency care, surgeries, medication, dental coverage and a lot more. Learn what else is covered by Petsecure.
  • Can an older pet be insured? Yes. There are no age limits to the pets Petsecure insures. It’s important to note that for dogs over 8 and cats of 10, Petsecure requires some additional medical information to start your policy.
  • Do veterinary clinics sell pet insurance? No. Veterinary teams can advocate for their patients by offering educational information and trial plans, but it’s up to the pet parent to set up a policy directly with the insurer.
  • Can I continue to use my existing veterinarian? Yes. You can take your pet to any licensed vet in Canada or the United States and its territories. 

Pet insurance can help with the cost of treating accidents and illnesses

Pet health insurance helps protect your furry family members. Learn what’s covered by Petsecure and get a quote today.