How pets can be good for our mental health

Written by Petsecure  | Published on: 10/2/2020

World Mental Health Day is an important reminder to take care of your mental health all year long. Anyone who’s had a pet knows they can bring positivity and fulfillment to their lives. When they greet you when you get home, and you get snuggles and licks, it’s likely to put you in a better mood. 

  1. Pets help alleviate loneliness. Pets can keep you company, of course, and will listen without judgement. However, pets can also help break down social barriers. If your dog needs a walk, it can help you get out of your house. Plus, interactions between owners are common at the dog park – they provide an easy topic of conversation
  2. Pets help us live in the moment. When you’re with your pet, it’s hard not to live in the moment. Mindfulness practice – when we pay attention to the things around us in the present moment like sights, smells, and sounds – can help alleviate anxiety. When your pup or cat is demanding your attention, it can help give you something to focus on, rather than negative thoughts or worries.
  3. Pets give us stability and routine. A daily routine can provide a helpful anchor that can help combat the unexpectedness of life. Taking the dog for a walk, feeding the cat, even scooping the litterbox are all pieces of a daily routine that automatically come along with having a pet.
  4. Pets can help with anxiety. There’s a reason why there’s an increase in emotional support animals. Pets can have a calming effect on their owners, they encourage healthy activities like going for a walk outside, and they can give a sense of purpose.

When pets can cause stress

Before you consider getting a pet, it’s important to know that being responsible for its health and well-being isn’t always easy. In addition to the emotional stress of seeing your pet hurt or sick, the costs associated with taking care of a pet can be financially stressful, which is where pet insurance comes in.

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