Aside from accidents and illnesses, what else does pet insurance cover?

Written by Pamela Hardman  | Published on: 4/8/2020

Many people sign up for a pet insurance policy because they want peace of mind in case something unexpected happens and they’re faced with a vet bill they weren’t planning for. If you’re reading this on our website, you probably already know that Petsecure helps cover the cost of treatment for accidents and illnesses. But, did you know that when you sign up for a policy, there are all kinds of other benefits too?

What else does Petsecure cover?

·         Dental. Our plans cover the cost of routine dental care like cleanings, and they also cover treatment for problems related to your pet’s teeth and gums. The limits renew each year so you’re able to schedule your pet for dental care on a regular basis, which means they’re less likely to develop more serious issues in the future.

·         Alternative therapies. If your veterinarian recommends an alternative therapy like massage or acupuncture as a treatment for your pet, we cover that under all plans. These treatments can be done by your own vet or by another authorized professional.

·         Behavioural therapies. If your pet is diagnosed by your vet with a behavioural issue like aggression or separation anxiety, we cover the recommended treatment.

·         Boarding kennel and cattery fees. If you get sick or you need to stay in the hospital for an unexpected reason, we will reimburse you for the cost of boarding your pet at a licensed kennel or cattery, or for someone who doesn’t live with you to look after your pet.

·         Lost pet advertising. If your pet gets lost, we can help alleviate some of the stress and worry. We will reimburse you for the cost of advertising and reward money, so you have the best chance of getting your beloved pet back home safe.

·         Holiday cancellation. If you have to cancel a holiday or cut it short because your pet is sick or has had an accident, we will reimburse you for the travel and accommodation non-refundable expenses.

·         Preventative or routine care. Our Secure 4 plan includes wellness coverage for the regular veterinary expenses that come up each year. Wellness coverage can be used to pay for things like flea and tick medication, vaccinations, annual check-ups and more.

Pet insurance can help with the cost of caring for your pet

In addition to coverage for accidents and illnesses, Petsecure has all kinds of other benefits to help your pet live their happies and healthiest lives. Learn what’s covered by Petsecure and get a free quote today.


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