5 tips to help your pet avoid serious health issues

Written by Natalie Ardita  | Published on: 6/8/2020

We want the best for our pets, and that includes keeping them healthy. While you shower them with love and affection, keep these tips in mind to keep your pet living their best life!

1.     Feed them a healthy diet. Feeding your pet a balanced diet is the best way to make sure she’s getting the proper nutrition and is at a healthy weight. With pet obesity at an all-time high, it’s always best to check with your vet if you’re not sure what kind of food or treats are best for your pet. Diets can range depending on your pet’s breed, age, and activity levels.

2.     Make sure they get proper exercise. Giving your pet lots of opportunities to be active is vital to their health. Pets need daily exercise to not only keep them fit, but also mentally stimulated. You can take your dog for walks, go for jogs, play fetch, or even try agility training. Remember, simply putting them outside in the backyard may not be enough. If you’re not sure what to do with an indoor cat, try a laser pointer or another stimulating toy. Build playtime (exercise time) into your daily routine. Of course, exercise can also help prevent your pet from becoming overweight.

3.     Dental care. Your pet’s oral health plays a big part in their overall health and when taken care of, can extend your pet’s lifespan. Daily brushing with toothpaste designed specifically for your pet can help prevent tartar buildup. Depending on your pet’s breed or age, your vet may recommend a dental diet. There are also dental treats and dental chew toys that are designed specifically to help clean teeth and remove tartar while your pet has fun.

4.     Routine visits to the vet. Visit your vet for regular wellness exams to help detect or prevent problems early on. Catching any potential problems early can also lead to more successful treatments and less expensive bills. And keep your pet’s vaccines up to date to keep them safe and free from illness and disease.

5.     Parasite prevention. Staying on top of parasite control is essential for the health of your pet. Fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites can make them uncomfortable or be life threatening. The parasite severity varies depending on where you live but because prevention is the best medicine, ask your vet about preventative measures you can take.

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