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Thanksgiving-giving back to the pet community

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?  Are you cooking all weekend, baking pumpkin pies, and spending time with family? Is it a day to spend extra time walking your dog through crackling dry leaves? Do you curl up with your cat under a favourite blanket and start the novel that you’ve been meaning to read? Or do you give back to your community by working with your favourite volunteer organization or charitable cause? 

Thanksgiving – giving back to the pet communityCharities come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Categories include at-risk youth, homeless people, education, health, women’s issues, helping children, and animal welfare. Animal-based charitable organizations can raise money for the protection of endangered species, wild animal welfare, veterinary research to improve the health of animals, and the protection of dogs and cats right here in Canada. Look at a group’s mission statement and ultimate goals to ensure that they are ethical and their values align with your own. If you contribute with a financial donation, how much of your money is going directly to the animal; how much is going to administration and fund-raising? 

You may choose to donate to a local dog rescue or feral cat organization when looking for a favourite animal cause. These smaller groups are largely volunteer-run and rely on the big hearts of their neighbours and veterinarians to help individual animals in their communities. These people help to relieve the stress on crowded humane societies and municipal animal services by fostering stray or abandoned cats and dogs or providing transport of feral cats to veterinary hospitals for neutering before the cats are released back into the community. Spay and neuter programs and those promoting responsible pet ownership are immensely important in minimizing stray and feral populations in urban and suburban areas. 

Many people would rather actively volunteer for their favourite animal cause instead of offering financial donations. Exercising dogs, cleaning litter boxes, and grooming newly rescued animals can be very satisfying work for people from all walks of life. Your favourite humane society or rescue shelter may have a training process that teaches volunteers how to approach and work with fearful or abused animals. Time management, compassion, and patience become highly valuable skills in a shelter environment. Think about the kitten who poops in the litter box as soon as you place a fresh tray in her kennel-after you have finished washing and refreshing 25 litter boxes! Possessing a good sense of humour (don’t forget a good set of dishwashing gloves!) is also very helpful when working with these dogs and cats. 

We can all give thanks in different ways. As a responsible corporate citizen, Petsecure enjoys the work we do in giving back to pet organizations near and dear to our heart. As well as financial support for organizations large and small, a number of our staff foster rescue pets and walk dogs for the local shelters. Stop by and say hi to our Petsecure team members as we attend events across Canada to promote the health and wellness of cats and dogs. 

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