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Top Veterinary Clinics in Alberta and Saskatchewan

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Published on: May 23, 2018

Congratulations to the following amazing veterinary clinics in Alberta and Saskatchewan! They've all shown incredible hard work and dedication to pet health insurance, and received Petsecure Top Clinic Awards from our Territory Manager Natasha!

VCA Canada All West Animal Hospital in Saskatchewan really came together as a team and communicated in an amazing way to their clients how pet health insurance can help make their pets' healthcare easier and less of a worry.

Bonnyville Veterinary Clinic (top) and Centre Animal Hospital (bottom) in Alberta are fun sister clinics that love friendly competition. They managed to create awesome results while still keeping the focus on the importance of pet health. 

These clinics have proven how educating their clients can be enjoyable and that even in rural areas veterinary care can grow by leaps and bounds. Keep up the great work!

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