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Cupcake party!

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Published on: Mar 05, 2018

Petsecure staff get busy in the kitchen for National Cupcake Day 

Cupcake Party 2018

For SPCAs and humane societies across the country, the biggest day on the calendar isn’t a typical holiday you’d expect in other industries. National Cupcake Day, held this year on Feb. 26, is a way for animal lovers from coast to coast to raise money in support of their favourite pet organizations. “Cupcake Party” fundraisers are held in homes, schools, and workplaces, and collect donations for animal welfare charities in exchange for delicious cupcakes! 

As Canada’s largest pet health insurance company, and an organization that partners with a number of SPCAs and humane societies, Petsecure has been involved with Cupcake Day for approximately five years. 

“The donations significantly impact the shelters, clinics and animal welfare services in our communities, ensuring their life-saving work continues,” says Petsecure Corporate Account Manager Jazmin Scott, one of the organizers of the company’s cupcake sale. “We usually have about five expert bakers.”

Last year, Petsecure raised a total donation of $1,630 for the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS). CFHS has been the recipient of Petsecure’s money raised over the past two years, with BC SPCA and the Ottawa Humane Society as partners who have benefited from our fundraiser in the past.

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