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Dogs of the Games

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Published on: Feb 15, 2018

The Winter Olympics are underway, and while Petsecure pet health insurance provides coverage for Canadian dogs and cats of all breeds, we’re recognizing a few ‘flag-bearing’ dog breeds here, whose countries of origin are proudly noted in their names:

American Foxhound
One of the few breeds that originated in the United States, this friendly little dog is best-known for its keen scent-tracking ability and its song-like voice.

Australian Shepherd
Loyal, lively and agile, the “Aussie” is a champion herder and extremely versatile.

Black Russian Terrier
One of the newest breeds in the world, the Black Russian Terrier was bred after the Second World War to serve as a guard dog for the Red Army.

English Bulldog
Gentle and loyal, the ever-popular bulldog is also an exception guard dog and protector.

Chinese Shar-Pei
This strangely-wrinkled dog was bred to hunt, herd and protect for centuries in its native China.

Finnish Spitz
The national dog of Finland, the Spitz was originally an expert at hunting Finnish game birds.

German Shepherd
As skilled at herding sheep as it is at helping police fight crime, the German Shepherd is an all-star of the working dog world.

Great Dane
Despite the name, this breed actually has no connection to Denmark. The “great” part fits, though, with Danes typically weighing between 100-170lbs.

Icelandic Sheepdog
Revered for its hunting and herding skills, Iceland’s finest are also prized for their sled-pulling ability.

Norwegian Elkhound
Evidence of these friendly, energetic dogs exists in Norway dating back thousands of years.

O Canada?
Like its people, Canada’s dog population is made up of pets from all different backgrounds. While there aren’t prominent dogs named for the country, certain regions have breeds of their own, like the Newfoundland dog, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and the Labrador Retriever

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