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At some point, you will need to use pet insurance

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Published on: Jan 05, 2018

Petsecure Territory Manager Carol Belanksy (Ontario – Greater Toronto) spread some holiday cheer at Toronto’s Downsview Veterinary Hospital by paying it forward to a pet owner in need.

Carol surprised a dog owner whose pet had gone in for dental surgery by paying a portion of her veterinary bill. Carol’s visit was part of our ongoing series of Pay it Forward events across Canada.

“When people don’t have insurance or have the money to pay for vet care, unfortunately some animals are put down, when in actual fact, they can be saved by having pet insurance,” says Downsview veterinarian Dr. Ron Moore. “I recommend pet insurance for all pets, because at some point, you will need to use that pet insurance for something. 

“With pet insurance, we know they’re going to be taken care of – not only for vaccines, dental, the overall care of their pets – but there’s also emergency cases that you never expect. A puppy falling out of your arms, (a pet) being hit by a car, being attacked by a big dog… these things happen and it happens on a daily basis.”

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