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Remembrance Day - Honouring Animals in War

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Published on: Nov 10, 2017

On Remembrance Day, we remember all the lives that were sacrificed for our freedom. We are truly grateful for all our soldiers have done and continue to do for us.

We also remember the various animals who served in war. The Animals in War Dedication, located in Ottawa, honours animals that served alongside their human comrades in war. Primarily consisting of mules, horses, carrier pigeons, and dogs, they all served a purpose. Delivering messages, detecting bombs, carrying soldiers where they needed to go, bringing food and supplies, and hunting rats to name a few.

However, these animals meant more than just the jobs they carried out. They were companions to soldiers, and a mutual close bond of friendship, trust, loyalty and admiration developed. Working together in the trenches, it was devastating to lose any of these animals with whom they served with. It wasn’t uncommon for soldiers to bring dogs and cats home to become part of the soldiers’ community.

Today, it’s very common for animals to play an important role in helping soldiers who return home, acting as therapy animals for those who suffer with PTSD. Petsecure has supported organizations such as Paws Fur Thought, who pairs PTSD service dogs with veterans and first responders in need. 

Let us honour the role animals played back then and play today, and the sacrifices they have made for us.

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