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A helping hand for Harry

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Published on: Sep 28, 2017

Our Territory Manager Ashley visited VCA Canada Lakeshore Animal Hospital in Mississauga, ON, where she surprised local pet owner Tim and his 13-year-old dog Harry by paying a portion of their veterinary bill!

Harry has had more than his share of medical problems recently. In April, he had a mast cell turmor removed from his ear. Three weeks ago, he blew out his cruciate ligament and had surgery last week. He was back at the vet clinic for laser therapy and rehab when Ashley arrived with the surprise.

“Petsecure’s contribution will allow him to get medication to help control his pain, as well as to give him laser sessions that will help with his recovery,” said VCA Canada Lakeshore veterinarian Dr. Vanessa Burghart. “Overall, it was a very special day and it just highlights the importance of insurance. If done as early as possible, when a puppy or kitten is quite young, it’s of great benefit long-term. It often allows clients who don’t necessarily have the finances to be able to treat their pets and to give them everything they need for their quality of life.”

September is Pet Health Insurance Month. Pet health insurance helps pay some or most of the costs of diagnosing, treating, and managing your pet’s illness or injury. Thanks to ongoing improvements in veterinary medicine, your veterinarian is able to offer ever-progressive therapeutic plans and improved outcomes for your dogs and cats. With improved care, however, comes increased cost, and that’s where pet health insurance comes in.

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