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Pet insurance gave dog a longer life

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Published on: Jul 27, 2017

Photo of Mack, Kohl, and Duke
Mack, Kohl, and Duke

Shantelle Bisson, a writer, producer, and actress, splits her time with her family between Toronto and Los Angeles. She’s passionate about giving back to her community, and supports many causes. She is also a Petsecure customer since 2005 for her beloved dogs. We thank Shantelle for sharing her story about how pet insurance has been valuable for her family.

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“We’re a dog family. Ever since I was five years old I recall having a dog in my home.  Granted there were a few years while living in an apartment where we couldn’t have one, but the second we moved into a house another dog joined the family. I carried on this tradition when I married my husband twenty-nine years ago. One dog, a Dalmatian had cost us close to $13,000 in “emergency veterinarian” care over the course of his life. And this is going back eighteen years, so I can only imagine what that would amount to now. After him I vowed that never again would a dog come into our home without pet insurance. Not for the day in day out costs of owning a dog, but for the inevitable, without a doubt unforeseen health issues that come with being a four-legged kid parent.

Our vet suggested we look into Petsecure, he felt they had the best coverage. And I can assure you, twelve years later, almost to the day of bringing our two boxer brothers home, he couldn’t have been more right.

Thanks to Petsecure we were able to afford the care that was needed, from a very young age for our boy Mack. He presented health issues at the age of four months, and rather than send him back to the breeder, or euthanize him at the age of three when he had his first run in with cancer we were able to provide him with the health care that he needed without draining our bank account. Petsecure was always there for us, providing us with the support we needed to be able to care for him in a way that gave him dignity throughout his entire life. He was an incredibly sick dog, but he was always wonderfully loving, spunky and thankful. If it weren't for the insurance there would have come a time, much earlier than May 8th, 2017 at the ripe old age of twelve (which was eight years more than we were told he would get) where we would have had to stop assisting him in his quest to have as many Malibu sunset beach walks as possible these last three years.

Thank you for everything Petsecure, glad to have you as partners in the health care of our two remaining four legged boys; I wouldn’t dream of having a pet without you.”

Shantelle Bisson

Canadian Author, blogger

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