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When one dog turns into eight

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Published on: Mar 17, 2017

Petsecure staff member, Rhea, got quite a surprise when her newly adopted dog unexpectedly gave birth to puppies. Here’s her story:

One day I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and saw a bunch of people had liked a local shelter’s photos of this beautiful German Shepherd named Sookie. I saw her and totally fell in love. She looked exactly like the dog my Fiancé had growing up so he couldn’t say no either. She was rescued from northern Manitoba and brought into a local shelter. We applied for her and about a week or so later she was ours!

The first few weeks were great, as she was the perfect dog. One day she started to act funny by messing in the house and being very lazy. We were told she was in heat so we ignored all the tell tale signs of a dog in labour, thinking it was part of her being in heat, or perhaps that she was having a phantom pregnancy. Online we found that can be normal for some dogs. Also, she had recently had a check up at the vet so we assumed they would have caught any pregnancy.

We were so wrong! December 28th I woke up to my Fiancé screaming for me to come downstairs at 6am. Sookie had given birth to a puppy on our kitchen floor! She had a look of pride and total fear on her face of what just happened. We called the emergency clinic and they told us to expect 8-12 puppies. Every hour or so we had a puppy join the world! The last few gave us a scare when they were born not breathing but after careful instruction from our vet, we got them breathing and eating shortly after. Luckily by 2pm she was finished and we had seven (six boys and one girl) healthy babies curled up with their mamma. We were surprised to see so many differences between all of them.  We had one white one, two yellow ones, and four black ones with different patterns of white or yellow in them. They were born the week Carrie Fischer passed away so we decided to name them after Star Wars characters: Luke, Leia, Solo, Chewie, Jedi, Vader, and Trooper. They were all perfect!

We raised them in our home for nearly eight weeks before the shelter took them to new foster homes. It was the best and smelliest experience of our lives. We decided to keep Chewie, he is the biggest of the seven. He is such a great dog and Sookie is teaching him lots of things. He is a wonderful addition to our family!


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