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Petsecure pays it forward in Winnipeg

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Published on: Mar 10, 2017

Sully’s surgery: Petsecure lends a helping paw to Winnipeg dog

Petsecure had the honour to pay it forward and help a very deserving dog named Sully and his family. This Winnipeg couple has been meeting with Dr. Standish and his team at Alpine Animal Hospital over the years regarding a massive fatty growth (lipoma) on Sully's chest.

Lumps and bumps are very common on any furry companion that lives a long life. It's not a question of whether your dog or cat will develop a skin tag, sebaceous cyst, wart, tumour or a lipoma -- it's a matter of when. Lipomas are rarely surgically removed unless they're impeding normal function/activities or the comfort of the dog. In Sully's case, the decision was made that surgery was the best option to improve his quality of life.

While at the vet clinic, Petsecure surprised the family by offering to pay a portion of the vet bill! Thankfully, the surgery was a success.