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Central Canadian Veterinary Conference

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Published on: Feb 13, 2017

Central Canadian Veterinary Conference

Petsecure is proud to have been part of the Central Canadian Veterinary Conference in Winnipeg. This event is all about homegrown talent. The conference featured presenters from across Canada and right here in Manitoba. Speakers are Canadian experts in bovine medicine, practice managements and canine behavior. They specialize in surgery, anesthesia, pain control and wellness. We were thrilled to be a exhibitor at this event! Our booth was a blast with a caricature artist and lots of puppies.

Sookie was a very special guest at our booth and the newest member of the Petsecure family. She's a rescue from up north, who was adopted by Rhea, one of our Insurance Advisors.

One morning six weeks ago, Rhea woke up to quit a surprise: her one dog turned into eight! Sookie was now the proud mommy to seven beautiful babies. She kept her pregnancy a secret from the rescue, the vets and her new owners! Sookie was one of those girls who didn't show! Later in the afternoon two of her beautiful babies came to visit, they were a huge hit!

Central Canadian Veterinary Conference

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