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A donation for a Winnipeg foster dog's care

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Published on: Oct 14, 2016

A donation for a Winnipeg foster dog's care

Petsecure's Shannan has been fostering a senior dog named Maggie. When Maggie needed surgery to have tumours removed, Petsecure made a donation to McPhillips Animal Hospital in Winnipeg to go toward Maggie's vet costs!

"Maggie was relinquished, I guess her owners couldn't take care of her, anymore" said Shannan, 

"She was really overweight, she has bad arthritis in her spine and she had two tumours removed -- one of them was two pounds and hanging off her abdomen. McPhillips Animal Hospital was nice enough to do the surgery. Petsecure made a $100 donation to the vet clinic for her care."

Best of luck for a full recovery, Maggie!