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Most common reasons for vet visits

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Pamela Hardman


Published on: Nov 12, 2019

Most common reasons for vet visits

As a pet owner, the only reason why you would want to visit the vet is for routine care. But accidents and illnesses happen, and vet visits are a reality when it comes to caring for a pet. That’s where pet insurance comes in. Do you ever wonder what kinds of things pet insurance can help with? We’ve put together a list of the most common conditions we see claims for.

Top claims in the past year

Top 10 Dog Claims

  1. Skin problems
  2. Gastro-intestinal problems
  3. Tumours
  4. Urinary system
  5. Preventative care*
  6. Eye problems
  7. Ear problems
  8. Dental problems
  9. Lameness
  10. Diabetes

Top 10 Cat Claims

  1. Urinary system
  2. Gastro-intestinal problems
  3. Undiagnosed issue (unknown)
  4. Dental problems
  5. Preventative care*
  6. Skin problems
  7. Tumours
  8. Thyroid problems
  9. Respiratory problems
  10. Annual exams and vaccinations*

*Covered under secure 4

What does Petsecure cover?

  1. Accidents and illnesses. If your pet has an accident or gets sick, Petsecure can cover the diagnostics, X-rays, hospitalization, surgery, medication, and more, for treating that illness or injury.

  2. Routine dental. Petsecure helps cover the cost of annual cleanings, or problems with the teeth and/or gums. These coverage amounts renew each year.

  3. Some plans cover routine care. Our Secure 4 plan provides $350 for cats and $450 for dogs that can be used towards your pet’s annual check-up.

  4. Special coverage. Our plans can cover alternative treatments like acupuncture and massages, as well as behavioural therapy and medical devices.

  5. Other benefits. We also include a number of special benefits with our plans like boarding/kennel fees if you’re unexpectedly hospitalized, lost pet advertising, holiday cancellation if your pet needs emergency, lifesaving treatment, and cremation/burial costs.

Pet insurance can help with the cost of vet visits

If your dog or cat has an accident or gets sick, Petsecure can help cover the costs of treatment. Learn what’s covered by Petsecure and get a free quote today.

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