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What are waiting periods and why do we have them?

Written by

Pam Hardman


Published on: Jun 07, 2019

What are waiting periods and why do we have them?

If you do your research, you’ll find waiting periods are pretty common across the board when it comes to pet insurance. To understand the reason behind waiting periods, you need to understand a little bit about insurance. Don’t worry, we promise we won’t bore you with too many details!

What are waiting periods?

Waiting periods are periods of time between when your policy starts to when coverage is available if your pet has an accident or gets sick. Waiting periods start at 12:01am of the day after your policy application is accepted by us. Some examples of waiting periods:

  • 48 hours for accidents or treatments as a result of an accident

  • 14 days for illnesses or treatments for an illness and for behavioural therapies

  • 6 months for cruciate ligament injuries

  • 6 months for dental coverage

For a complete list of waiting periods, download the policy wordings.

Why do we have waiting periods?

  1. Preventing fraud. Similar to the idea that you wouldn’t buy home insurance when your house is already burning down, we implement waiting periods to prevent instances of fraud and protect our customers. Buying pet insurance for an already sick or injured pet wouldn’t be fair to our existing policy-holders.

  2. Ensuring we’re there for you when you need us. Waiting periods are in place to protect our company so that we can remain financially healthy so we’re there to pay claims when our customers need us.

  3. It’s important to note that any conditions from before the policy started or within the waiting period will be excluded from coverage. The good news is, in some situations, the exclusion of coverage for that condition doesn’t last forever. If that situation arises, we would contact you to give you information on next steps.

Pet insurance can help with the cost of vet visits

The good news is, once the waiting periods have been satisfied, if your pet gets sick or hurt, you’re covered.  Learn what’s covered by Petsecure and get a free quote today.

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