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Going on vacation? 7 tips to make leaving your pet easier

Written by

Pam Hardman


Published on: Feb 15, 2019

Whether you’re heading south to escape the Canadian winter or heading overseas to take in some historical sights, leaving your pet while you go on vacation can take some planning. If you’re leaving your dog or cat for any length of time, make sure you take steps to keep them as happy and safe as possible while you’re away. 

1.    Do your research. If leaving your pet with a trusted friend or family-member isn’t an option, you may need to look at boarding. Pet boarding facilities often vary in size, location or even on whether they take cats or dogs. Do your research to find the right fit for you and your pet. Ask trusted friends, colleagues or family members if they’ve had experiences with a boarder near you. Check online message boards and ask to visit the facility before you make a decision. You may want to bring a list of questions and a list of your pet’s needs to make sure they can accommodate.

2.    Leave detailed instructions. Regardless of whether your dog or cat will be cared for by a friend, family-member or boarding facility, leave detailed instructions that include info like when they eat, when their usual bathroom breaks are, where they sleep, and even the route you take when you go for walks. The less disruption to their daily routine, the more likely they are to be comfortable while you’re away. Don’t forget to include information about their quirks and habits too. If your dog is reactive when the mail carrier comes around, their caretaker should know so they can be prepared and ready to deal with the behaviour the same way you do.

3.    Keep their identification up-to-date. Making sure their tag and microchip have your current contact information is always important but it’s especially important while you’re away.

4.    Leave something behind for comfort. Put an old t-shirt of yours in their crate or their bed so they’ll be comforted by your scent. If they’re used to a noisy household, ask your pet’s caretaker to play music or talk radio while they’re not around.

5.    Keep your goodbyes short and sweet. Making a big deal out of the goodbye will only make your pet more anxious. Try to treat it like any other time you leave the house. Saying goodbye will probably be harder on you than it is on them. Just remember, you have an exciting, sweet reunion to look forward to when you arrive back home. 

6.    Leave emergency info including your vet’s information. If an emergency happens while you’re away, even if you hopped on a plane or got in the car immediately, chances are you still wouldn’t be home before your fur baby needed treatment. Talk to your pet’s caretaker before you leave about what to do if there’s an emergency. Program your vet’s info into their phone or leave it in a highly visible place like on the fridge. Don’t forget to leave them the phone number of your accommodations just in case they aren’t able to reach you on your cell phone.

7.    Prepare for the unexpected before you leave. If you have a Petsecure plan, you can make arrangements to allow your vet to deal directly with us in your absence. Fill out a consent form (available by request) to allow your vet to act on your behalf. You can also keep a few copies of your personalized claim form (found by signing into your customer portal) to make it easier for your pet’s caretaker if they have to take your pet to the vet when you’re not home.

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