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Petsecure's Cat Training Center

The Cat Training Center provides helpful advice for the most common and important behavior situations relating to cats. As an owner, a cat's behavior plays a key role in making a great pet. If your cat's behavior could use some improvement, or you are just looking for a new trick to work on, then this is the center for you.

Cat Aggression

The cat that bites or scratches its owner exhibits behavior which can be very disconcerting and confusing. The most common cause of aggression can be linked to pain or discomfort brought on by illness or injury.....


Cat Chewing

To prevent destructive chewing in cats, pet owners should provide their cats with a fun and stimulating environment, provide teething kittens with plenty of chewy toys, and address any obsessive compulsive chewing with....


Cat Disobedience

Cats can engage in a number of behaviors that are not always appropriate in a home environment. While some of these behaviors may be the result of disobedience, other unwanted behaviors can occur as a result of medical issues....


Cat Scratching

Scratching is considered a normal behavior in cats. Scratching things is an inherited trait and cats do it instinctively, but it is also learned from their mother early on in life. Cats scratch in order to leave a visual....


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