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Published on: Jun 28, 2018

Congratulations to Calgary cat owner Karen Chadnicki, who was the winner of Petsecure’s getaway contest. Karen visited our website for a free pet insurance quote and was randomly selected as the winner of a $2,000 Air Canada gift card!

Although she’s owned pets for over 20 years, Karen’s current companion is a nine-month-old domestic shorthair named Willow. In her years of cat ownership, Karen has certainly experienced unexpected, emergency trips to the veterinarian.

“We went in to emergency, and they thought maybe she’d ingested some poison, so it was a lengthy process that was quite scary and ultimately quite expensive,” says Karen. “When I got my previous cat, pet insurance wasn’t really a big thing at that time, but I think pet insurance is very important. In the short term, it can seem like it’s expensive, especially when they’re young, but when they need more care, it’s very valuable. You don’t want to go to the vet and have to worry about how much it’s going to cost.”

As for her prize, Karen still hasn’t decided on how she’ll use her Air Canada gift card.

“I have so many options,” she says. “I’ll either take one big trip… or maybe some small trips to Chicago!”

The contest may be over, but you can still get a free, no-obligation quote for veterinarian-recommended pet health insurance by visiting today!

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