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Published on: Jun 21, 2018

Petsecure staff made a quick shopping trip to a local Pet Valu store to offer their support for Manitoba pets in need. 

Hundreds of animals from Little Grand Rapids and Pauingassi First Nations in northern Manitoba found themselves homeless after devastating fires forced their owners to evacuate.

Norway House Animal Rescue is helping by sending supplies and approximately 13,600 kg of pet food to help feed evacuees’ pets. Although a number of residents were airlifted to Winnipeg – as both First Nations are over 250 km north of the Manitoba capital – their pets had to stay behind. 

While rescue workers and the Canadian Red Cross are taking care of the animals, there’s an ongoing need for food and other pet supplies. Petsecure was proud to get involved and donate a care package purchased at Pet Valu McPhillips in Winnipeg, which included food bowls, transport crates, training pads, toys, and more, plus a financial donation to help Norway House Animal Rescue take care of the affected pets during such a difficult time.

To find out more about Norway House Animal Rescue and how you can make a donation, visit the rescue’s Facebook page at

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