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'The kind of medicine pets deserve'

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Published on: Nov 30, 2017

‘The kind of medicine pets deserve’
Paying it forward in Markham, ON

Petsecure Territory Manager Shanti surprised a lucky cat owner at Cachet Village Animal Hospital in Markham, ON, by 'paying it forward' and helping to pay a portion of his veterinary bill! Shanti’s visit was part of our ongoing series of Pay it Forward events across Canada.

The pet owner, Jonathan, was at Cachet Village Animal Hospital for his cat, Pepper, who had a routine surgery done that day. Jonathan had been volunteering over a year of his time helping animals, when he found a female kitten in a car engine. He rescued her, named her Pepper, and adopted her himself.

Like many people in the veterinary industry, Cachet Village staff are very supportive of pet health insurance. “I’ve been a big supporter of pet insurance since we started the clinic. We believe that pet insurance, in general, allows us to practice the kind of medicine pets deserve, without any restrictions,” says Dr. Danny DeRose, Cachet Vilage veterinarian.

“We believe the most important part is getting them introduced to insurance when they’re puppies and kittens. The Petsecure pet trials have been awesome in getting people used to pet insurance at an early age. Realizing the importance when they have a puppy or kitten allows them to continue the insurance throughout the life of the pet.

“It also gives them that extra piece of mind that if something does happen to their pet that’s very serious, life-threatening… or even just some routine, regular illness, they don’t have to worry about the financial burden. A great deal of it is covered by insurance, so that’s why we really like to promote it. It’s been a great success for our hospital and patients.”

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