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Canada 150 pets

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Published on: Jul 11, 2017

In recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday, we asked our Facebook followers to share photos of their pets in a setting that best represented Canada to them. Petsecure staff selected a few of their favourites. Here are their stories:

Brea (BC)
Brea (BC)

“Brea is two years and four months old. She’s a Rottweiler, and we’ve had her since she was eight weeks. She was purchased from a reputable breeder in the United States, and we got pet insurance for her two days after bringing her home.

We chose Petsecure, and it has already paid for itself and then some. My dog before Brea didn’t have insurance, and we had very large vet bills due to torn CCLs (cruciate ligaments) and then cancer... so it was an easy decision to get insurance for our new family member. Brea had an accident when she was young, and insurance helped pay for those vet bills. Just recently, we discovered she has another issue, and she just had a CT scan today. Having insurance gives me peace of mind that I can get her the help that she needs, and my portion of the bill will be acceptable.

If I didn’t have insurance, I may have waited a little longer to take her in. I always recommend Petsecure to my fellow dog friends.” 

-Randi Lou

Cookie (BC)
Cookie from Maple Ridge BC

“Cookie is a five-year-old marble Bengal from a reputable breeder. We got her at two months old, along with a black and white kitty named Oreo (from another place). Originally, we were going to get two black and white kitties, hence the names, but I had a tabby that had Bengal-like qualities and I became interested in the breed.

She’s my little Cookie Monster. She loves to get into trouble and has to check out everything, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cookie is on Petsecure insurance, and Oreo is about to be put on as well. I’ve had insurance in the past for my two kitties that have since passed away and I’ve found the insurance to be a blessing.”


Wheeler (ON)
Wheeler from Bradford ON

“Wheeler is a seven-year-old “schnoodle”. He’s a rescue dog from a Kijiji ad that was shared with me in 2014, and he was going to be euthanized if no one could take him.

Wheeler has since seen several specialists, had an MRI, x-rays and been neutered. It’s been determined that he has a neurological disorder, under-developed spinal cord and partially deformed front limbs. His ‘Walkin’ Wheels’ quad wheelchair, made by HandicappedPetsCanada, helps him stand up without faceplanting and splaying his front legs. He used to use a rear wheel cart, but unfortunately – as most neuro issues go – it worsens over time. The quad is to prevent any further accidents. Faceplanting is a big one! 

We believe that pet insurance companies provide a great service to the public and would highly recommend people look into insurance. Unfortunately, in our case, Wheeler had so many pre-existing conditions that we didn’t seek out that kind of help, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t recommend that others look into the option in case of a dire emergency. It’s always a handy thing to have from the beginning.” 


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