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Vanessa and Roxy's Story

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Published on: Feb 01, 2017

Since the day I adopted her, she has been forever in my heart.

Vanessa and Roxy
Vanessa - Petsecure Insurance Advisor

 "Roxy is a seven-year-old pitbull/boxer mix (we think). She was labeled as ‘aggressive’ and at risk of being put down, but when the veterinary technicians at McPhillips Animal Hospital in Winnipeg saw her, they didn’t think she was aggressive…she was just scared, so they attempted to save her!

After being there for a few months and getting spayed and vaccinated, she was waiting for her forever home with no luck. A technician friend of mine recommended her to me and we fell in love! Three days later, she came home and it has been great ever since!


In the beginning, she had a hard time trusting strangers and would be very hesitant about new people, but that has changed drastically!  She’s a sweet, very goofy girl who loves everyone, especially if you’ll play tug of war or fetch with her!
Since the day I adopted her four years ago, Roxy has lost weight, is extremely high-energy and loves to play, hike, and swim. She’s come a long way.

Roxy’s paw print is tattooed on me so she’s forever in my heart."

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