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Petsecure volunteers at Winnipeg Harvest

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Published on: Dec 02, 2016

A team of Petsecure staff visited Winnipeg Harvest to make a donation of $1,000 and volunteer their time. They sorted and packed potatoes, carrots, onions and bread for to go to local families in need.

"Today, you're putting hands on real food that's going to be in someone's hamper tomorrow morning," said David Northcott, Executive Director of Winnipeg Harvest. 

"Most of the volunteer team you'll meet here are clients of the food bank... so you're here helping us reclaim food and working with people so that they can feel that sense of self-esteem and growth as well. "

Winnipeg Harvest provides emergency food assistance to almost 64,000 people a month across Manitoba. For each dollar they raise, they're able to distribute approximately $20 worth of donated food.

Some facts about Harvest's operations:

  • Winnipeg Harvest provides emergency food assistance to nearly 64,000 people a month across Manitoba. Therefore, Winnipeg Harvest clients are Manitoba’s second-largest city.
  • Manitoba is the number 2 province for children using a food bank, with nearly 42 per cent.
  • Each month, nearly 27,000 children in Winnipeg receive emergency food from Winnipeg Harvest.
  • Winnipeg Harvest distributes food to nearly 400 agencies throughout Manitoba, including:
    • Northern and rural communities,
    • First Nations communities
    • Food banks and emergency programs in Winnipeg
    • Soup kitchens
    • Day cares
    • Meal/snack programs at schools and drop-in centres
  • In fiscal year 2015-16, Winnipeg Harvest moved 13.2 million lbs. (6 million kg.) of food.
  • Winnipeg Harvest has 12 trucks on the road, six days a week. We have three cargo vans, six cube vans, and two five-tons.
  • Winnipeg Harvest picks up from most chain grocery store outlets on most days – over 1,200 pick-ups a month.
  • Winnipeg Harvest makes almost 500 deliveries a month.
  • Our clients receive three to five days’ worth of food per month.
  • More than 50% of Winnipeg Harvest volunteers are people who use a food bank.
  • There were nearly 330,000 volunteer hours from April 2015 to March 2016 at Winnipeg Harvest. That is the equivalent to 159 full-time jobs.

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