Pet Health Insurance Plans for Dogs

Choose the Right Coverage

Just as you pick your dog's breed to suit your situation and lifestyle, people look for different things from their pet insurance protection. The type of coverage you choose should depend on many considerations, such as your priorities, your pet and your budget. That's why Petsecure offers a wide range and several types of coverage to choose from.

Lifetime Coverage with our
Secure For Life™ Plan

More than 75% of Petsecure claims are due to illness. Just like people, pets can develop medical conditions...

Pet Health Insurance Basics

It's hard to make a decision without knowing all the facts. Be the best pet parent you can be and learn more about Pet Health Insurance Basics before you make your decision.

Be secure knowing your Dog is... All Taken Care Of

The Cost of Veterinary Care

If you've been to the vet lately, you already know that the cost of important veterinary care continues to rise, especially as more sophisticated options become available for animals. Just like with human medicine, veterinarians can now use:

Photo af an MRI technician
  • MRI's
  • Ultrasound
  • Chemotherapy
  • Dental Care
  • Alternative Therapies

These procedures can be expensive, but with Petsecure, you'll always be able to visit the veterinary clinic you choose, and to provide your pet with the best medical care that's available.

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Pet Health Insurance Basics >>