The Basics

The Basics

We all want to protect our pets from harm, but no matter how much love and care we provide, accidents and illness are still beyond our control.

Petsecure removes financial concerns in crucial times

Petsecure gives you confidence and peace of mind, knowing that when you need it most, you can provide your pet with the very best veterinary treatment and care.

What we cover:

  • Hospitalization
  • Dental care (dental treatments and cleanings)
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Medication
  • Exam fees
  • Taxes
  • Medical devices
  • Alternative therapy
  • Behavioural therapy
  • Preventive care and routine exams (Secure 4 plan only)

What we don’t cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions (showed signs or symptoms before policy started or during waiting periods)
  • Prescription food
  • Elective procedures (ex. tail docking, ear cropping)
  • Umbilical hernias
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Breeding, pregnancy, whelping or queening
  • We believe in being transparent. For more details about what is or isn’t covered by our plans, please take a look at our Policy Wordings!

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"It is very important to me -- and all veterinarians -- for clients to be able to provide the best healthcare for their pets’ needs." - Dr. Brown